Saturday, 24 March 2012

24.03.12 -outfit of the day

Blazer: £7, charity
Playsuit: £13, primark (+DIY on the sleeves) 
Hello everyone! Sorry for the slight break i took, my AS art deadlines in a weeks time and i'm stresssssin'! But i figured rather than stop blogging to do more work, i'll do both as blogging makes me happier, logical right?! 
But anyway, wore this today to go to town to get.. wait for it... an iPhone!!!! woooo i have finally updated myself and joined the rest of the world after having the same brick for the last 3yrs! This also means instagram, which i am already well and truly hooked on, so if you too are a user, then i'm klhopscotch and you can now see what i'm doing/wearing at pretty much every minute of the day haha! 
Anyway, me and my bro are driving up to my cuz's in stafford for the weekend now, so no outfit post tomorrow, but i'm sure i'll take lots of wonderful instagram pics to share when i'm home haha! Have a lovely evening xxx 
*ever so sorry about the hyper/manic sound to this post, just how i'm feeling currently!*


  1. I LOOVE your dress!

  2. great coombination! love your dress!

  3. Ooh, i love the blazer! The 'old man' vibe (that is a majorly good thing) is perfect :)

  4. lovee the jacket soo cute ♥

  5. Always love your pictures, great blazer