Friday, 1 June 2012

01.06.12 -outfit of the day

tee: £4, primark
skirt: £2.99, charity
shoes: £8, new look
satchel: £6, primark
This is what i wore to the curry night last night, and by the end of the night was pretty much popping out of it with the amount i ate! so worth it, as always when it comes to indian takeaway. Today's just a chill day before the party tonight, so i'm currently making use of the speakers my brother got me for my birthday and blasting out a bit of two door cinema club. Also, one of my friends bought me the book 'the bell jar' by Sylvia Plath for my brithday, so i'm planning on starting reading that today! If any of you have already read it, i'd love to hear what you thought about it :) xo


  1. loving the look
    soo awesome ^_^