Tuesday, 7 August 2012

07.08.12 - recent purchases

coat: £30, primark
scarf: £1.99, charity
leather: gift (£30), zara via ebay
dress: £5, primark
tee: £8, primark
bag: 7.50 euros, portugal market stall
shoes: £7, H&M
phone case: £12, uo
ring: 15 euros, portugal market stall
brooch: free, dad dug it up in the garden

wow it's not until i decide to blog about what i've been buying recently that i realise how bad I am! This is about a quarter of everything i've bought recently, my bedroom's stacked high with carrier bags of stuff i haven't even worn/ put away yet, oops! 
But i'm planning on buying a new camera soon because i'm really not happy with the quality of the photos my current one takes, and starting A2 graphic communication in september it really would come in handy (so i'm gunna have to quit spending so much on clothes). I'm currently looking at the Nikon D3100 (I don't want to spend over £500), if anyone has it I would love to know if it's any good, or of any other DSLR's that are on the cheaper side :) xo


  1. that coat is gorgeous, cannot believe it's Primark! love all the jewellery you bought, the ring is amazing. x

  2. That coat is Primark!? This is actually fabulous... I've seen pretty much the exact same sort of coat in River Island/Topshop for at least double the price. I'm going to HAVE to get into my local Primark to see if I can nab that up, I've wanted a coat in this style for so long!! Love the scarf and leather jacket too!

  3. That coat is gorgeous! xx

  4. love that black dress!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  5. love the bright dress at the top, those kinda dresses i looooove! gonna have to pop into primark and find one! x