Saturday, 4 August 2012

04.08.12 -Portugal 2012

I've recently got back from a week in Portugal with my mum, and the weather was just gorgeous, and actually getting a chance to wear summer clothes was pretty great too! These are just some photos i took on my phone but it shows most of what i got up to, beach, cocktails, getting dressed up etc. I'm already so so excited to go on holiday with my girls next year, but we still need to decide where to go, so if anyone has any good recommendations (think cheap, cheerful and lots of partying!) then please let me know :D 
Since getting home i've constantly been wearing baggy jumpers, leggings and autumnal colours and patterns thanks to the British weather, but i'll be sure to get back into the spirit of summer and make some outfit posts soon! xo 
ps. sorry for not posting for 2 months, oops! The bad weather dappened my spirits and the outfits just really weren't worth showing! 


  1. Love the pictures! Maybe try California for the next holiday? Tons of local fare by the beach :)

  2. welcome back to the blogosphere (:
    great photos, portugal looks beautiful!