Friday, 10 August 2012

10.08.12 - outfit of the day

vest: 50p, primark
skirt: £1, charity
shoes: £20, garage
satchel: £6, primark
So i wore this to town today (more shopping, shame on me) and now I have the worst blisters from these shoes, typical! But i did enjoy wearing this because i felt a bit out of my comfort zone wearing the shoes with the skirt and stuff, yeah i dunno it's good to stretch how far you'll go with fashion.
I'm in such a good mood today because the boyfs back from mallorca and we have a party tonight where i'll be seeing him so totes excited! and i'm going for dinner with one of my besties at m&s soon so all round good day! xo


  1. This is a lovely outfit hun :) Sucks about the blisters from the shoes I hate when that happens. Yay for all the bargains though!! :) Have a great time at the party and dinner :)


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  3. Awwh shame the shoes rubbed, but this is still a stunning outfit babe :D xx

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