Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tomorrow's Outfit:

Shirt, £2.99, AgeUK
Shorts: £15, primark, limited additions collection
Satchel: £2.99, AgeUK
These are definitely my favourite items atm, and they look so good together too! I'm having a party tomorrow night as my parents are in greece atm, so i'm planning on wearing this, although i'll probably have to chuck some tights or a cardi on as well as it's really nippy nowadays. These shorts are just so beautiful, and they fit great as well. If any of you have a primark near you with a limited additions section i advise you definitely check it out, the colours/shapes of the clothes are all brilliant! 
also, check out the new satchel! It's real leather and i'm convinced it's some expensice italian designer (probably isn't, it's just wishful thinking). Hope everyone's well :) xo 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

School Outfits:

Everythings either from H&M, topshop, primark or charity shops. 
So only 4days later than promised, here's my school outfits for all of last week! Although some of them are missing the jumper/cardi/coat i ended up wearing. But yeah, i'm really enjoying the whole 'business dress' thing. After having to wear a black polo shirt with my school's logo on for 5years, it's definitely a lovely change! Hope you've all been well this week, sorry for the lack of blogging, i've been swamped down with either work or homework 24/7. They really don't go easy on you at A-level, I had 5 pages of art, and 2 nights to do it in earlier this week. Ridiculous! Oh and sorry about the messy bedroom! Hectic mornings and choosing an outfit = clothes thrown everywhere.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper: £2.99, charity shop
Shorts: £1.30, charity shop 
Belt, Satchel, Loafers: primark 
Tonight was my only night off this week so i wore this to the boyfriends. I know, i'm crazy for wearing shorts in this 'hurricane', i realised this the moment i stepped out the door into the wind! Oh well, armed with my khaki parka aswell i was nice and snug on the top half at least. I'm still taking photo's of my school outfits every morning so i'm excited to share them with you on friday/saturday! 
God, today was one of them days where everything put me in a bad mood! My art course at school is not at all how i expected it to be.. it's all about illustration drawing when they told me last year i could specifically do graphics and photography if i wanted too! But no. Ughhh! Anyway, i hope you've all had a great few days. I'll share a few snaps of some flowers i took in my garden soon! Nothing spectacular, i'm just trying to get into the 'creative mind' again! 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Yesterday's Outfit:

Tshirt: Boyfriends from when we was about 11 haha 
Skirt: £3.99, charity shop 
Satchel: £6, primark
Loafers: £12, primark 

Firstly and foremost, i've now got over100 followers! This means the world to me, it honestly does, and it gives me the greatest feeling in the world. I was trying to describe to all my non-blogger friends why i do it and how it makes me so happy and they just didn't understand! So i hope very much that all you guys understand and also get this amazing feeling!  
I finally cut my skirt! Then i stole this t-shirt just because it looks perfect with it, so this is probably my favourite outfit atm. Although my most lived in outfit is definitely my lovely asda uniform, i'm never out of it! And gosh is it ghastly. I had sunday off work, but i've been completely bunged up with cold since friday so all i did was pop into town to buy a jumper for school because my mum shrunk my lyle and scott one! :( :( i was so upset, it's actually baby-sized now. Anyway, i've been such a bad blogger recently so to keep myself on track i'm planning to take a photo of what i wear to school every morning this week, then show you them all friday night. I started this morning and i just think it's quite a cool idea, seeing how different i look each day! 
Now to spend my night scrolling through all your lovely blogs! xo

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6th Form Purchases:

Navy: £12.99 others, £9.99 each, H&M 

 £14.99, H&M

£15, new loook

£17.99, internacionale

£75, topshop <3

£14.99, H&M

£1.50 each, primark

As you can see, i like a lot of options when it comes to clothes, that's why i've bought so much and knowing me i'll carry on buying stuff as i see it! You can never have too many clothes. I absolutely adore my coat, i can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it! And i was so happy when i found this bag, i'd honestly searched everywhere and had pretty much given up when i found this one! It's growing on me more and more everyday as well. I've tied the horse print scarf to my bag just to finish it off nicely. 
My first 2 days at school have been great, the building isn't completely finished yet but so far it's amazing! Now to make pizza's at work for 5 hours... Hope you all have a lovely evening :) xo

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper: £14.99, H&M
Trousers: £10, primark
Satchel: £6, primark 
Last outfit of the 'summer', although i've been dressing like it's the middle of winter for weeks now! I go back to school tomorrow, so i'll post all the goodies i bought for 6th form later, along with a picture of my absolutely gorgeous winter coat! Can't believe i've bought it this early, but i completely fell in love. Back to the outfit though, i wore this to go for sunday dinner today as all my family were down, a very rare occassion! I feel like when around my family i have to kinda tone things down a little fashion-wise, and wear more subtle outfits, so i thought this would do for today. This is quite subtle for me.. no crazy cable-knits or bright aztec leggings (my favourite cozy items atm, i'll post a picture of my collection soon!). I'm also completely in love with this jumper, i bought it for school but decided to wear it today and it's so snuggly and such a nice shape. I'm definitely going to buy every colour!