Monday, 12 September 2011

Yesterday's Outfit:

Tshirt: Boyfriends from when we was about 11 haha 
Skirt: £3.99, charity shop 
Satchel: £6, primark
Loafers: £12, primark 

Firstly and foremost, i've now got over100 followers! This means the world to me, it honestly does, and it gives me the greatest feeling in the world. I was trying to describe to all my non-blogger friends why i do it and how it makes me so happy and they just didn't understand! So i hope very much that all you guys understand and also get this amazing feeling!  
I finally cut my skirt! Then i stole this t-shirt just because it looks perfect with it, so this is probably my favourite outfit atm. Although my most lived in outfit is definitely my lovely asda uniform, i'm never out of it! And gosh is it ghastly. I had sunday off work, but i've been completely bunged up with cold since friday so all i did was pop into town to buy a jumper for school because my mum shrunk my lyle and scott one! :( :( i was so upset, it's actually baby-sized now. Anyway, i've been such a bad blogger recently so to keep myself on track i'm planning to take a photo of what i wear to school every morning this week, then show you them all friday night. I started this morning and i just think it's quite a cool idea, seeing how different i look each day! 
Now to spend my night scrolling through all your lovely blogs! xo


  1. Lovely outfit, I'm so jealous of the stuff you manage to find in charity shops! Congratulations on so many followers :) x

  2. I think that the skirt and satchel combo is just too adorable :)

  3. Great outfit. Lovely autumnal colours. & why do boys always have better t-shirts? Great blog too. Followed.

  4. I adore that skirt! Love all the Autumnal colours x

  5. some of my favourite items of clothing are stolen from my boyfriend, i salute you! x