Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tomorrow's Outfit:

Shirt, £2.99, AgeUK
Shorts: £15, primark, limited additions collection
Satchel: £2.99, AgeUK
These are definitely my favourite items atm, and they look so good together too! I'm having a party tomorrow night as my parents are in greece atm, so i'm planning on wearing this, although i'll probably have to chuck some tights or a cardi on as well as it's really nippy nowadays. These shorts are just so beautiful, and they fit great as well. If any of you have a primark near you with a limited additions section i advise you definitely check it out, the colours/shapes of the clothes are all brilliant! 
also, check out the new satchel! It's real leather and i'm convinced it's some expensice italian designer (probably isn't, it's just wishful thinking). Hope everyone's well :) xo 


  1. Gorgeous outfit! Sounds like you have an awesome AgeUK charity shop near you.. v impressed by the Primark shorts too! xx

  2. I love that top! :)
    And i cannot believe how cheap it was!
    I was gonna say add a necklace but the frill detail is gorgeous on it! <3

  3. Adore this outfit, lovely blog! x

  4. beautiful combination, in love with this

  5. lovely shorts!
    going to follow you! follow back? :)

  6. Entirely jealous of this outfit - you always seem to find great things in Primark! It's rare that I do... This outfit is absolutely lovely.

  7. This is such a sweet outfit! I love the bag and shorts combo and you look more than adorable :)

    I'm really glad I just found your blog!