Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6th Form Purchases:

Navy: £12.99 others, £9.99 each, H&M 

 £14.99, H&M

£15, new loook

£17.99, internacionale

£75, topshop <3

£14.99, H&M

£1.50 each, primark

As you can see, i like a lot of options when it comes to clothes, that's why i've bought so much and knowing me i'll carry on buying stuff as i see it! You can never have too many clothes. I absolutely adore my coat, i can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it! And i was so happy when i found this bag, i'd honestly searched everywhere and had pretty much given up when i found this one! It's growing on me more and more everyday as well. I've tied the horse print scarf to my bag just to finish it off nicely. 
My first 2 days at school have been great, the building isn't completely finished yet but so far it's amazing! Now to make pizza's at work for 5 hours... Hope you all have a lovely evening :) xo


  1. wow the coat is gorgeous! so jealous x

  2. You've got some great things, especially love the bag! Glad you're enjoying school so far! x

  3. love all the shirts, I almost bought the 3rd one along, wish I had now :( its so cute

  4. i just love the topshop!