Wednesday, 21 September 2011

School Outfits:

Everythings either from H&M, topshop, primark or charity shops. 
So only 4days later than promised, here's my school outfits for all of last week! Although some of them are missing the jumper/cardi/coat i ended up wearing. But yeah, i'm really enjoying the whole 'business dress' thing. After having to wear a black polo shirt with my school's logo on for 5years, it's definitely a lovely change! Hope you've all been well this week, sorry for the lack of blogging, i've been swamped down with either work or homework 24/7. They really don't go easy on you at A-level, I had 5 pages of art, and 2 nights to do it in earlier this week. Ridiculous! Oh and sorry about the messy bedroom! Hectic mornings and choosing an outfit = clothes thrown everywhere.


  1. hey, beautifuuuul photos ;)
    i am a new follower. please, follow me back if you like my blog

  2. These are all great outfits, I have to wear business dress for sixth form as well so its great to see what other people wear! x

  3. Your looks are sweet and preppy, so much.
    Great post! x