Friday, 22 February 2013

22.02.2013, outfit of the day

jacket: £6, charity
scarf: £3, charity 
bag: £12, primark
dress: £6, river island
hey guys, sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks, although this would be my preferred way to spend my time, unfortunately it has to come second to coursework, and at the minute there just seems to be so much! I'm in my second year of a-levels, so the most important year, and all three lessons seem to like setting deadlines for around the same time, so i find there's usually barely any to do for weeks then all of a sudden there's amounts that don't take into account the need to sleep :( but it'll be worth it so enough moaning! 
I'm going to London with school for some art exhibitions etc. on Sunday, so i'm super stoked for that, and i guess this was my outfit planning/ 'packing' today. I didn't actually leave the house in this unfortunately, i instead had to put my asda uniform on (like almost everyday this week) but i think this will be either my travelling outfit or shopping outfit, who knows... isn't outfit planning just the best past time ever though? 
Anyway, i pinky promise i'll try my very best to update at least three times a week, so you'll be hearing from me again soon, thanks for reading/sorry for rambling! xo 


  1. I saw you on and decided to look here. you have a really cool style, good luck with modding and I add U!

    H&K Monika

  2. I like your style and I wait for next post.This outfit is great ;).

  3. love your blog and your fashion is right up my street!! :) You look really good in all these posts, love your new follower :)XX