Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29.02.12 -outfit of the day

Shirt: £2.99, charity
Shorts: £13, primark limited additions
Bag: £5, urban outfitters
Hello, and happy leap year day everyone! Wearing this just to pop to the boyfs tonight, again will probably shove some tights on as well though... and my parka for when i have to walk home later. I'm not sure if i've mentioned it enough already, but i REALLY want it to be summer already!
Oh gosh yeah, also found out i have my psychology exam on my birthday which i am completely gutted about -for 16years i have never been at school for my bday, and now i have an exam on it, typical! But oh well, fingers crossed it'll go ok and we can celebrate after! (optomistic kerry's popping out for a change).
Anyway, about the outfit, i can't believe i've never thought to wear the two together before! Just really love the colour combo, and i guess this can be my take on the pastel craze seeing as this is probably the closest thing i own to pastel colours haha!
Hope you all have a nice evening xoxo    

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

28.02.12 -outfit of the day

Shirt: £2.99, charity
Tshirt: £6, primark
Shorts: £3, charity
Satchel: £3, charity
Wearing this tonight to go to meadowhall late night shopping (indoor shopping = don't need to wear a jacket!, i will put tights on though, i'm not that brave). Really love this shirt, i got it from a charity shop about a month ago and i just always want to wear it haha! Love this tee as well, the breakfast club is such a fab movie it'd be a shame not to honour it through clothing!
Been at school all day today, starting practical in product design (making a vintage stool!), so i'll get a photo when it's done, and also cracking on with my art work so that's always fun! Hope y'all have a nice evening! xoxo 

Monday, 27 February 2012

27/02/12 -outfit of the day

Tshirt: £12.99, new look
Skirt: £3, charity & DIY
tights, asda
belt, primark

Wore this to go shopping (shocker) this weekend. Obviously I still had to layer cardi's over when i went out, but i'm loving this warmer weather so much! Makes me even more excited for summer, even if summer = AS exams! I'll always love this skirt, and the pattern, even if it does make my hips look massive, and i love that nobody else will ever have it! *hipster comment of the year*
Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely evening, i've been at work all night making people pizzas and organising the shelves to look neat and pretty. Now to catch up on blogs, and watch last nights desperate housewives! xoxo 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

AS level art work -winter

Just some snippets of the art project i've just finished. We had to do work on an event, so i chose winter. I'm not gunna lie, i'm not the biggest fan of this work, it really isn't my best and i'm just not really 'feeling' art atm *shitty art teachers and crap facilities boohoo* buuut thought i'd share anyway :)
 Just started my new project and i'm doing it on body image and teens feeling the need to look a certain way etc. With a bit of luck i should get to focus on fashion a little, but probs not knowing my art teachers, i'll keep you updated with that though! xoxo


Tshirt: £8, H&M (my fave tshirt in the world!)
shorts: £3, matalan
Denim jacket: £6, charity shop (!)
tights, asda.
yaaaaaaaaay! i finally have a beautiful new laptop meaning i can upload photo's and blog and be happy again!
Anyway, this is actually quite old now, well about a couple of weeks, it was just a shopping outfit :) But i'm in love with my denim jacket, can't wait until spring to wear this instead of constantly having my massive parka on :( I've been shopping like a crazy lady recently (it's not until it comes to photographing everything to blog that i realise how out of control i am! haha) so i'll update you on everything soon! Also gunna post some of my art work later tonight so stay tuned! :) xoxo