Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29.02.12 -outfit of the day

Shirt: £2.99, charity
Shorts: £13, primark limited additions
Bag: £5, urban outfitters
Hello, and happy leap year day everyone! Wearing this just to pop to the boyfs tonight, again will probably shove some tights on as well though... and my parka for when i have to walk home later. I'm not sure if i've mentioned it enough already, but i REALLY want it to be summer already!
Oh gosh yeah, also found out i have my psychology exam on my birthday which i am completely gutted about -for 16years i have never been at school for my bday, and now i have an exam on it, typical! But oh well, fingers crossed it'll go ok and we can celebrate after! (optomistic kerry's popping out for a change).
Anyway, about the outfit, i can't believe i've never thought to wear the two together before! Just really love the colour combo, and i guess this can be my take on the pastel craze seeing as this is probably the closest thing i own to pastel colours haha!
Hope you all have a nice evening xoxo    


  1. don't you wear tights?

    1. no no i do, i'm not that brave haha! I just usually don't photo them because they make the outfit look worse/ don't photo very well :) xo

  2. love the colour combination, those shorts are gorgeous <3 That's crap to have an exam on your birthday =( Hopefully you can just relax lots after? xx

  3. Hey! que outfit mas simple y bonito! me gusto bastante!
    Visita mi blog!

  4. oh, i totally love your looks, but i can't imagine me wearing this clothes in this weather. in poland is very cold now :/


  5. beautiful outfit. I love it! You have a great sense of fashion, so I'm following you now :)