Monday, 24 October 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper: £2.99, charity shop
Shirt: £3.99, charity shop
Leggings: £5?, primark
I wore this today for my first day of work experience, (which i haven't told you about yet) and my god is it getting nippy outside! I was freezing in my grandad jumper! But yeah, it's my half term holidays atm, so i'm spending the week working in a local photography studio/business for free. I'm crazy, but it'll look good on my uni application and CV. Sorry for not blogging when i said i would, there was a really serious family worry/problem but it's all fine now, so i'll try and be more regular. A lot has happened this week actually, other than that, i've finally bought curtains, well material for mother to make them (she's an artistic genius i swear), i've bought my own sewing machine for her to teach me! (these are the kind of crazy things i end up doing when i have to pass time in dunelm waiting for material to be cut and measured), i've been a sailor at a fancy dress party, i'll post photo's at some point... and i got paid again, therefore i also have a recent purchases post due! Now to catch up on all your life's...


  1. Such a nice jumper! Charity shops near me never have anything decent like that!

  2. I feel like going to do some free experience, just for the work experience, because no where wants to take you on without experience! I am thinking in a charity shop, that looks good and I'll get the best bits when they fist come in ;) haha
    Great jumper, and love your hair too! xxx

  3. that jumper is awesome! i need to get back into the charity shops! x

  4. what a lovely jumper!

    also wanted to let you know that i have passed on 'The Versatile Blogger Award' to you on my latest post :)


  5. Love your jumper!!!


  6. What lovely taste in clothes you have! Have a follow back :)