Thursday, 13 October 2011

Recent Purchases:

 Ralph Lauren Shirt, £2.99, charity shop

Tweed Blazer, £5.99, charity shop

Skirt: £7, H&M sale

Navy Cardigan, £4.99, charity shop

Shoes: £12, primark

 Levi's t-shirt: £2.99, charity shop

Shirt: £3.99, charity shop

Shirt/Kimono/?: £2.99, charity shop

shirt: £3.99, charity shop

Shirt: £4.50, charity shop

As you can see i've been a pretty busy lady with the shopping! Actually, most of it i picked up last saturday on a 'splurge'. It's great because what i'd class as a splurge now only costs me about £20 and i get loads for it! Honestly, i couldn't love charity shops anymore than i already do, and i'm really lucky to have a couple of really good, really well priced ones near me! Just a bit of advice, if you are new to the 'charity shopping' or even if you're not, i'd definitely avoid British Heat Foundation, i've found there prices are ridiculous compared to all the others! If anyone has any tips, i'd love to here them :)  There's nothing better than finding the perfect bargain! xo 


  1. Love those shirts! There is no good charity shops near me :(

  2. i really admire your charity shopping skills, i never come away having found so many lovely things as you do! Great haul :)