Thursday, 29 December 2011

Today's Outfit:

Blazer: £7, charity
Tshirt: £8, H&M
Leggings: £5, primark
Sorry i've been absent for so long, I've been struggling to juggle A-levels, work and a an awful excuse of a social life, so I guess i just didn't have many outfits to show you, nevermind the time to write it down! But just to catch you all up, I went to Spain for 4days at the beginning of December, so i'll scrape together some photo's to show you from there, and in true Kerry style, i've found plenty of time to shop, so prepare for a v. big post on that soon. Oh, and Merry belated Christmas everyone! I'm currently searching for the perfect laptop to buy with the money from my family, but i'll be sure to show you all the other bits and bobs i got, i've really enjoyed seeing what everyone else got! 
Anyway, I wore this yday just to pop to town to check out the sales before work. It's just a casual outfit, comfort is key recently, but i felt the blazer still dressed it up slightly. Anyway, i'll stop rambling now, and happy new year if you don't hear from me before! (but with a bit of luck you will) xo


  1. This blazer is soo adorable!

    Due to unavoidalbe circumstances I had to change my blog-URL:

  2. I looove that blazer!
    Its so twee and the shape is perfect :)
    Thanks for following me!

  3. Loove that t-shirt! Cute outfit :)

  4. i just love this shirt! (: