Monday, 28 November 2011

Recent Purchases:

 £10, new look

 Shirt: £4, charity

Shirt: £2, charity

Cardigan: £3, charity

I am so annoyed with myself for my awful blogging abilities! I wish so much that i had more time to keep up with the blog like i did in summer, but alas school and work completely control my every move. I just want to quit everything and draw/blog for the rest of my life haha! 
But anyway, i got these bits and bobs about a week ago. I really wanted some new shirts etc. for school but the charity shops just weren't giving me the goods so i didn't get as much as i wanted. I'm kinda iffy about the cardi, it's one of those i really like but just doesn't go with anything. 
Anyway, tonight's my only night off this week so i'm catching up on x factor, misfits, pretty little liars and glee! I know, it's keeping me very busy indeed haha! Hope you've all had a lovely week xo
really sorry about the awful quality of the photo's! :( 


  1. i love pretty little liars but i can't finde websites to watch the latest episodes because we don't have that in germany -.-

  2. I really love those leggings! i really like the cardigan too, can see it working well with brown leggings.

    Hope you enjoy misfits, best show... ever!

  3. Oh, I so need to go buy those leggings! I saw someone wearing them the other day and now I know where they are from! Thanks!:D Great post xxxx

  4. Just read through your blog and I love it, definitely following! What charity shops do you go to? I love what you find but I never see anything good!x

    1. Thankyou! Just had a peek at yours and i'm a definite follower! I get the majority from AgeUK, but i find bluebell hospice is good for shirts, and there's the odd gem in British heart foundation occasionally (although the prices there are £2/3 more expensive than the others). I think it's more a matter of where you live though - I'm from doncaster, which i wouldn't really call a 'stylish city' (streetwise sports is probably the most popular shop) so i basically get the first pick of everything. It also helps to make friends with the people working in them, then they save things back for you! (sorry about the essay haha!) xxx